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China First Heavy Industries breaks the world record for forging and welding hydrogenation reactor manufacturing!


On June 1, the world’s first 3000-ton super slurry-bed Zhejiang Petrochemical forge-welded hydrogenation reactor produced by China First Heavy Industry Group Dalian Nuclear Power Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was completed, shipped, and set sail. The successful manufacturing of this equipment has once again set the world record for forging and welding hydrogenation reactors, marking that my country’s super-tonnage petrochemical equipment manufacturing technology continues to lead the world, and further demonstrates China’s technological innovation capabilities and super engineering as a “big country heavy equipment” Creative strength.

The world’s first 3000-ton super slurry-bed Zhejiang Petrochemical forging welding hydrogenation reactor is the core equipment of the second phase of the 40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project of Zhejiang Petrochemical. The unit weight exceeds 3,000 tons, the total length exceeds 70 meters, the outer diameter is 6. 15 meters, and the wall thickness is 0.32 meters. It is currently the world’s largest slurry bed forge welding hydrogenation reactor per unit weight. After the completion of the project, the layout of my country’s petrochemical industry will be further optimized, and the construction of China’s seven world-class petrochemical industrial bases will be accelerated, which will play a positive role in promoting the vigorous development of the “One Belt-Road” and “Yangtze River Economic Belt”.

China First Heavy Industry has always adhered to “high starting point, high standards, and high quality”. On May 24, 2018, with strong technical strength, advanced manufacturing technology, perfect quality assurance system, and excellent market performance, it was established in Zhejiang Petrochemical and Sinopec Engineering Construction With the trust and support of the company, the contract for the manufacture of all six 3000-ton super slurry bed forging-welding hydrogenation reactors was undertaken in one fell swoop.

After the signing of the contract, China First Heavy Industry has been adhering to the concept of innovation and lean, strives for excellence in quality, and always climbs the peak in indicators. China First Heavy Industry Qiqihar Casting and Forging Steel Division and Dalian Nuclear Power Petrochemical Co., Ltd. started simultaneously, the welding team and the machining team of the technical center Going in the same direction, facing many challenges such as ultra-long, ultra-heavy and ultra-thick reactors, special internal structure, etc., faced with many problems such as extremely difficult welding and the outbreak of new crown pneumonia.

The majority of engineering and technical personnel and operators exert their intelligence, inspire innovation and vitality, work hard, and overcome difficulties. They have designed and manufactured the world’s advanced 3,500 tons of self-elevating digital rollers, laying the foundation for the manufacturing of extreme tonnage and safe rotary welding; The process plan was carefully studied, and the main welding seam shrinkage stress and gravity balance technology of super heavy workpieces with independent intellectual property rights was formed; the deep hole automatic TIG welder was independently manufactured, which broke through the difficulty of automatic deep hole butt welding of stainless steel lining pipes. Through strict project management, strict observance of process specifications, and strict quality supervision, the manufacturing task of the first reactor was completed with high quality, which made a significant contribution to Sinopec equipment manufacturing.

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